Christian Devotional – June 30, 2017

Today, we’re going to move to a new book. We’ll head back to the Old Testament and to the book of Nehemiah. As we start out today, we’re looking at chapter 1, verses 1 through 3. These verses really set the stage for the entire book of Nehemiah. As you read through these versus, we seen Nehemiah going about his daily life. He encounters his brother and some of his brother’s friends who have just returned from Jerusalem, so Nehemiah asks them about Jerusalem and the people there and how things are going. His brother gives him a very disheartening report of the state of events for the people in Jerusalem. The entire rest of the book is about how Nehemiah responds to what he learns in those 3 verses.

Every single day we are faced with information about situations or about circumstances and we must choose whether to respond and how to respond. As we spend time studying this book it is my prayer that God will open our eyes to be mindful and watchful for circumstances and situations that we become aware of that God desires us to intervene. We must be open to what God directs us to through the circumstances and situations that he brings to our attention. What do we learn of today? What circumstances are we made aware of today where we may have an opportunity to respond? How will we respond when faced with the choice?

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