Christian Devotional – June 30, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 34

How do you amaze God? Read Mark 6.

Jesus is continuing his tour of the area, meeting with all the people, and performing amazing miracles in their midst. However, he stops by the area that he grew up in and finds that they have a lack of faith. And not just a lack of faith, but an “amazing” lack of faith. It says that Jesus is amazed at their lack of faith.

I wonder if Jesus is ever amazed by my lack of faith? He does so many things in my life and impacts so many areas so regularly, providing miracles that I don’t even realize, and yet do I have the faith to trust him in every area like he deserves?

Want to know how to amaze God? Having a lack of faith in the midst of all of the incredible proof that God is who he says he is… that is amazing to God. Don’t amaze God in this way. Allow God to amaze you with the depth of his love for you and the awesomeness of the way he works and moves around each of us every day.

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