Christian Devotional – June 4, 2024

Psalm and Praise, Day 142

Set me free. Read Psalm chapter 142.

What does it mean to be set free? Do we really understand the concept of freedom as defined by God? Our freedom in Christ can sometimes feel different than freedom as defined by the world. Our freedom in Christ gives us the ability to rejoice and to praise him regardless of the circumstances that we are in. Whereas freedom in the world may mean that we are lacking restraints, but that we have limited purpose.

Freedom in Christ is much more about a mindset than it is about a location or a circumstance. We need to be able to be free in Christ, regardless of the circumstances that we are in. To do that, we have to be able to focus on him as our Lord and savior and to praise him no matter any circumstances we may be going through. Are we free in Christ today?