Christian Devotional – March 1, 2019

Our actions have consequences. The things that we do matter and we need to understand and anticipate the long term reactions for the actions that we take. Read James 5:6.

You have condemned and put to death the righteous man; he does not resist you.
James 5:6 NASB

James has been talking to the wealthy individuals in the church. He has been explaining how they have misused their wealth as a way to gain power. Then he makes this statement. The wealthy people, by their actions, are the ones who put Jesus Christ to death. They were intimidated by his power and his authority in instead of seeking to understand him better, they thought to do away with him.

People who have power and love power are frightened that other people may get their power. It becomes something they are afraid to lose. Yet that is not what Jesus wants us to do. Jesus already has the power. We must understand that he is the one who controls everything and we are simply working through him. Will we lay down our power and authority willingly to him? We must allow him to lead us because he has all the power anyway.

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