Christian Devotional – March 15, 2023

Principles of Leadership, Day 18

Protection and Defense. Read Acts 20:28.

One aspect of leadership that we haven’t discussed yet is the responsibility of a leader to defend those that they lead. We are all going to make mistakes at some point. And we are all going to facr difficulties and opposition. As leaders, we have a responsibility to help lead people into making right choices, but also to help defend them from attack.

Are we willing to stand up and shoulder the brunt of the attack on one of our team? Do we understand how to balance allowing people under us to grow and flourish while still giving them the freedom to try things, fail at them, and learn? This can be a difficult balance, because we should not defend wrong doings or prevent consequences of actions of our team, but for the leader that wants to grow other leaders, finding this balance is essential. People need to feel that it is a safe space to stretch their wings and as leaders, we have a responsibility to provide that for them.

Are we leading through protecting and defending, as appropriate?