Christian Devotional – March 18, 2023

Principles of Leadership, Day 21

You cannot be a servant leader if you do know know the master. Read John 13:16.

The idea and principles of servant leadership are a mainstream through all leadership material. You see studies done on the importance of servant leadership and many talks and lectures and training material have been launched detailing the importance of being a servant leader.

However, I would argue that it is impossible to be a servant leader if you do not truly know the Master. You cannot emulate or copy the Master if you are not familiar with the Master. Many people have tried to live live out the principles of servant leadership but have not been able to successfully do so because they do not know the Master.

Jesus is speaking here in this verse and we see him explaining the idea of servant leadership and reminding people that a servant is not greater than their master. However, we must understand how great the master truly is. Jesus knew and understood his Father. Jesus was trying to make his Father known among the people so that they would know him too.

Do we understand who God is? When we look to be a leader, our leadership should be only in service to our master, God. If we are not following Jesus Christ and seeking to lead the same way he led, we will never succeed at being a servant leader. Can you be a servant leader today? The answer depends on how well you know the Master.