Christian Devotional – March 2, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 61

God takes care of your needs. Read Luke 9.

During this chapter we see God move in several different ways. First, God sends his disciples out to share and to minister to the people and the surrounding areas. Second, people are coming to him directly and Jesus meets their needs in an amazing way by feeding over 5000 of them with just a small lunch.

Finally, we see Jesus discussing the importance of following him and see Jesus display all of his glory on the mountain top with his disciples. Such amazing and fantastic recognitions of exactly who Jesus is. Do we recognize who Jesus is in our life? Do we see his hand moving through the circumstances that lead us to go out or that supply our daily needs?

God has truly glorified his Son Jesus Christ and as we surrender ourselves to him and allow him to live through us, we see God’s amazing glory as it is shown around us and displayed to the world through us. Are we allowing God to move and to work freely through our life? In what way is God displaying his glory to the people around us through us?

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