Christian Devotional – March 22, 2024

Psalm and Praise, Day 79

Why should God save us? Read Psalm chapter 79.

As we read through this psalm, we see all the terrible things that are happening to the people of Israel. The nations around them are destroy them and the people in the cities are being laid waste. So the psalmist is asking God for help. Why should God help? Why should God be concerned with the happenings that are going on for his people?

The answer is, he shouldn’t. There is really nothing about God that indicates he is required to step in and help us when we are in trouble. We are sinful. We do terrible things. We need to understand that God is not obligated to assist us in any way. So why can we ask for help?

The psalmist appeals to God’s glory and God’s name. All the people of that time knew that the Israelites were God’s chosen people, so if something terrible happened to them, that could potentially impact God’s reputation and the glory do his name. So the psalmist appealed to God’s glory and God’s name. When we are asking God for help, God is going to defend his name and God is going to uphold his glory. Are we seeking to do the same? If we are, God will continue to uphold us in a way that glorifies himself.