Christian Devotional – March 24, 2024

Psalm and Praise, Day 81

Sometimes God gives us what we ask for. Read Psalm chapter 81.

As we read this chapter, we see the rebellious people who are disobeying God. How does God respond? God allows the people to get what they asked for.

As we think about the things that we pray for and the items that we ask God to give us, are these things praising God? Are they part of what God’s plan and design is for our lives? As we ask God to give us things, sometimes we need to understand that he may tell us no because we really don’t need what we are asking him for. If we continue, God can end up turning us over to our desires and allowing our stubborn hearts and sin to overcome us.

Instead, are we seeking God’s best for us? Do we surrender our stubborn hearts to God’s will?