Christian Devotional – May 30, 2023

Book of Revival, Day 25

Its OK to enjoy work. Read Deuteronomy chapter 25.

So often we hear discussion about the toils of work, and the frustrations of work. We know that we are to work hard when we are working unto the Lord. God deserves our best and he desires that we demonstrate our best in everything that we do. However, that doesn’t mean that we should not enjoy our work. We should be allowed the opportunity to enjoy what we do, when we do it, and while we do it.

We find, tucked in this chapter, a reminder that we should also allow the animals to enjoy doing what they are doing. We should let the animal eat while it’s treading grain. We should allow ourselves to enjoy the work that we do. Do we seek out the fun in the work that we do? Do we find joy in the everyday? How can we seek out and find the fun in what we have to do today?