Christian Devotional – November 16, 2023

Love and Relationships, Day 12

What do your friends think? Read Song of Songs 5:9.

When people start in a relationship with someone else, a very common question is to ask their friends what they think of that person. Interestingly, here the opposite is happening. The friends are asking why the woman why she is so in love with him. They can see the love that the woman has for her man and they want to understand what is it about him that she is so captivated by.

When we think about the way we love Christ, do others see that love in us? Do others ask us why we love him the way we do? When we think about our relationship with our spouse, do others see how much we love them and do they ask us that question as well? Being so transparent in the love that we feel toward both our Savior and our spouse should be so natural for us that others can’t help but notice and want to know why.