Christian Devotional – November 19, 2023

Love and Relationships, Day 15

Compliments. Read Song of Songs 6:4-9.

When we think about a relationship with a loved one, compliments are often part of that thought. We use compliments as a way to share our feelings with those people and to help them understand how special and how valuable they are. The same is true with this relationship that we’re reading about here.

The man is using tremendous compliments to explain just how wonderful he knows his love is. He wants everyone to understand the value that she has and all that is amazing about her. While we may read these compliments and not exactly think of them in the same way because of cultural differences, we can at least read them and see the passion and desire that is voiced in each and every one.

How do we compliment our spouse? Do we do so in a way that is meaningful and impactful to them?