Christian Devotional – November 29, 2023

Revelation, Day 5

The lion and the lamb. Read Revelation chapter 5.

Here in these verses we see a scroll that has been sealed with seven seals. John is looking to see who would be able to open this scroll. The people tell him not to worry, the lion is able to open it because he has been victorious. When John looks, what he sees is a slain lamb.

Sometimes, when we are looking for God, we are looking for one thing and something different is what we see. Our perception of God at different times may be that he should show up like a lion and tear through things. However, Jesus came as the lamb of God and he was slain. Jesus’s death and victory over death is what gives him the power to triumph.

Even though Jesus doesn’t always show up the way we expect him, he always shows up the way he is supposed to. We need to open our eyes and broaden our expectations for how God intends to move in situations. So often God can do what is unexpected to us, but it is always for his glory.