Christian Devotional – October 1, 2022

Prayer in Action, Day 41

Don’t neglect the house of the Lord. Read Nehemiah 13:1-11.

While Nehemiah left to go back to the king and report on the progress, unfortunately things did not go exactly as planned. The commitments that the people had made ended up getting forgotten, and as a result, the house of the Lord was neglected as well. The people had made a commitment to make sure that they were taking care of God’s house, but they went back on their promise.

What promises have we gone back on? What have we told the Lord that we would do that we are not currently doing? Just like Nehemiah, we need to come in and clean house. We must review and honestly assess what areas do we need to surrender to him afresh. How can we make sure that we are not neglecting the commitments that we have made to our God?