Christian Devotional – October 11, 2013


Exodus 31:3–and I have filled him with the spirit of God, with wisdom and with all kinds of skills.


God had just given Moses a listing of lots of work that He wanted done. But, He didn’t stop there. God also gave the ability to do the work. God gave His spirit along with the wisdom and skills needed to be able to complete everything that God had directed. God never gives us a job without also giving us the means to do that job. He is the One who fills us and directs us and, if we will trust Him, we will be able to do everything that God has for us to do.


Father, when I see Your plans and the things You desire to do, I can get overwhelmed. Yet, You never give plans without also giving the means and ability to fulfill those plans. I will trust in You to provide the means, no matter what Your plan is.