Christian Devotional – October 14, 2015

Read James chapter 2


James 2:9–But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers.


Showing favoritism and showing love can’t co-exist. You can’t be loving to people while you are favoring one above the other. Love, as Christ show it, is to be equally shared among all people, reminding everyone that we are all loved by God. As a result of His love, we can be made right and through His love, God shapes us to be more and more like Him every day. If we are not showing God’s love to others, we are guilty of breaking the law of love that James mentioned in the previous verse.


Father, I want to show Your love in everything that I do. I pray that You will show me how to love as You do. Help me to not show favoritism, but to treat everyone as You would.