Christian Devotional – October 2, 2023

Living for God’s Glory, Day 2

God’s unfailing love. Read Hosea chapter 2.

God continues to use Hosea and his family situation as a way to demonstrate and explain the relationship that Israel has with God right now. Even though Israel was running around and being adulterous with other gods, God explains that he did what he needed to do in order to make sure that she comes back to him. Israel was sinful, just like Hosea’s wife, but God restored her. God explain just how much he loves Israel and as a result, he did what he needed to in order to be able to show her that love.

The same is true for us. We were in sin. We had done terrible things and are disobedient. Now, God still invites us to come back and to be restored to him and allow him to shower us with the love that he has for us. Have we repented and returned to God? Are we experiencing the love that God has for us?