Christian Devotional – October 4, 2021

Days of Wisdom, Day 4

What is in your heart is what will be acted upon by your hands. Read Proverbs 4.

As the teacher continues to share, he tells us that we must guard our hearts. What is in our hearts is going to come out in other areas in our lives. I have been guilty of be very bitter about several situations in my life. My angery and frustrated thoughts in my heart have started slipping out my mouth. I haven’t done a very good job of guarding my heart.

We cannot be wise or experience the blessings of God if we are not keeping a close reign on what we allow in our heart. I had to confess and repent so that Christ can change my heart. Where are you at with your bitterness, anger, pride, or any other corruption of the heart? If you are not diligently guarding your heart then they will creep in before you realize it. Guard your heart.

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