Christian Devotional – October 8, 2019

Betrayed. The people of Edom are going to be betrayed by the very people they thought they could trust. Read Obadiah 1:7.

“All the men allied with you Will send you forth to the border, And the men at peace with you Will deceive you and overpower you. They who eat your bread Will set an ambush for you. (There is no understanding in him.)
Obadiah 1:7 NASB

Who do we trust? If we’re like most people, we only have a handful of people that we trust. Edom is similar in that they have a few nations that they trust and have an alliance with. Yet, God is sharing that they are going to betray Edom.

Are we trusting in others around us to save and protect us? We are to put our trust in God and seek him first. Then, we can trust others as we ultimately trust God. Yet, when we trust others instead of trusting God, that is where we have difficulties and problems. We are to trust in God first and above all. Will we trust in Him today?

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