Christian Devotional – September 10, 2013


James 5:9–Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The judge is standing at the door!


Our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ will not always do exactly what we think they should. God speaks to each of us in different ways and sometimes with different timing and we need to be sensitive to that. We must be careful not to grumble or complain against them for they are our family and fellow workers in Christ. We can take our concerns to God and, under His leadership, take them directly to that brother or sister, but don’t be spreading stories of complaining to others.


Father, You have created each of us different and we see different parts of Your plans at different times. Please help me to not grumble or complain about You and about what You do and how You work in the lives of my fellow Christians. I will bring my frustrations to You and not spread stories of frustration around to others.