Christian Devotional – September 18, 2022

Prayer in Action, Day 31

God’s covenant with his people. Read Nehemiah 9:1-12.

The people of Israel have experienced the mighty working of God. Also, they have spent time in worship and repentance to him. These next verses explain what the people decide to commit back to God. They start by going through the entire history of God’s faithfulness to them. They explain that through all of the different things that God has done, he has done them because he has been keeping his covenant promise to them. The people may not have kept their promises to him, and that is why they are repenting, but God has never been unfaithful.

As we think about the promises that we have made to God and promises that God has made to us, we realize that we have been incredibly unfaithful in so many areas and in so many ways. However, God has never once not fulfilled his promises to us. He will always be faithful to the covenants that he has made to us.

Do we recognize and remember God’s promises and his fulfillment of those promises? Do we praise him for all that he has done for us even when we have not been worthy? God will always fulfill his promises because of who he is and the character that he has. He deserves our praise today.