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Book Review – Buddy Finds a Home by Rachel Edminston

Buddy Finds a Home

What if you were left all alone and abandoned? Where would you go? Who would you turn to? The little puppy Buddy finds himself all alone after all the rest of his family had been adopted by other families as pets. Buddy sets out in search of his own home and family in “Buddy Finds a Home” by Rachel Edmiston.

This is a great book that I really enjoyed. There is lots of description throughout the book and since it’s written from the puppy’s perspective, it’s easy to feel connected and attached to Buddy and to really hope with him and feel sadness with him. This book is excellent to read to young children and would be about right for a 2nd or 3rd grader to read on their own. I enjoyed the heartfelt journey and the illustrations just bring the book to life. I highly recommend this book.

Thanks Rachel for sharing your story with me!

For more information check out the Tate Publishing website.

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