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Book Review – Doctor Luke’s Assistant: A Church History Novel by David A. Todd

Doctor Luke's Assistant

As a Jew who had become accustomed to the Roman culture and ways, Augustus was just interested in doing a good job for his new employer, a medical man by the name of Luke. This man had told Augustus that he was writing a book and needed help interviewing people, researching, and compiling the data for the manuscript. How was Augustus to know that this research into the life of the Messiah Jesus Christ and the writing of the work that would bear Luke’s name would have life-changing consequences?

Doctor Luke’s Assistant by David Todd is a historical fiction book set in the first century as the early Christian church was just starting out and they were looking to preserve the story of Jesus for others to read and know what Jesus had done while here on earth. I thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling as David A. Todd paints a wonderful and completely believable rendition of how events might have transpired in order to bring us the gospel of Luke. I enjoyed seeing the journey through the eyes of one who did not believe in Jesus as Augustus struggles with the information and first-hand accounts of miracles, which are discussed in detail throughout the book, that Augustus can’t completely explain to himself. I found the struggles and the difficulties that Luke and Augustus faced compelling and they kept the intensity of the storyline moving, all the while allowing for the interviews and the stories about the life and works of Jesus to fill the pages of this book so that we could follow along with their research. I found this to be a unique perspective on what might have been and many thanks to David for allowing me to read through this most intriguing book. You will be blessed by reading it.

For more information, check out Doctor Luke’s Assistant on Amazon or David A. Todd’s author page.

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