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Book Review – Grady the Gray Cat by Lori A. Moore

Grady the Gray Cat

If you’ll recall, a couple of weeks back we looked at the new children’s book Hannah the Hedgehog goes to Heaven by Lori A. Moore. Well, that wasn’t her first published children’s book. She also has this cute little story of Grady the Gray Cat.

This beautiful book tells the story of how Grady came to be a part of his adopted home. The story begins with Grady at the shelter and he is selected by his “parents” and brought home and introduced to his two “sister.” Grady learns to adapt to his new home and the story shares how they learn to live together and love each other.

Just like Hannah the Hedgehog, this book is also a flip book. The other side tells a fun story of a time when Grady received a fire truck as a present and all the adventures that he has with that. Both stories are fun and share cute messages that children will love having read to them or even reading themselves. I really enjoyed reading through both sides of the book.

Thanks Lori, for letting me read through your beautiful books. Again, to learn more about Lori A Moore, check out Amazon or her website.

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