Book Review – The Myths of Dymos: Power of Vedion

The Myths of Dymos

Faced with terrible danger and an unknown prophecy, Josun must decide what to do next. In The Myths of Dymos, author David Glenn has created a mythical world that parallels our own. Forced to flee our world, all the magical creatures like wizards, elves, and dwarves, slip through an opening into another dimension where the dinosaurs had escaped to long before man. There they learn to live in relative peace with the dinosaurs for many centuries.

Their world erupts into chaos when member’s of the Magic’s Bane group find a way to follow them into the alternate dimension and continue their goal of the eradication of magic. Josun is young boy who is led on a fantastic journey to save the world he’s grown up in and protect the magic creatures he meets along the way.

David Glenn has created a plethora of characters throughout the book to both hinder and aid Josun as he works to follow his heart and save the world he loves. As the dinosaurs also come into play in the story, albeit with different names than we give them in our world, it can be a little difficult to keep track of everyone. However, the story is well thought out and moves through several adventures building the suspense as to what will happen next and who is responsible for the non-magic people entering the magic dimension. This is an enjoyable adventure sure to spark the imagination of those who read it.

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