Christian Devotional – April 19, 2019

Study. Do. Share. These three words have been our focus this year. We’ve spent time going through James seeing how our knowledge and study must lead to action because it can’t really be called faith if we are not acting on what we believe. Then we went through Ruth where we studied an example of three people “doing” their faith as they acted out what they truly believe.

Now, we are going to work through 1 Timothy. In this book we see Paul “sharing” what he knows and what he does with young Timothy. Read 1 Timothy 1:1.

Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus according to the commandment of God our Savior, and of Christ Jesus, who is our hope,

As Paul introduces himself, we see his qualifications. Paul makes it very clear that the only reason he is qualified to share what he is sharing is because of Jesus Christ. Paul has allowed Jesus to work in his life and it is only because of Him that Paul has anything worthwhile to say.

We are the same. Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him are what gives us meaning and make are message important. Without Him, our message loses all its power and the importance. Can we say, like Paul, that we are following Jesus Christ and that is why our message has meaning? Where do we get the message that we are sharing? If it doesn’t come from Him, then we are wasting our time.

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