Christian Devotional – December 12, 2013


Numbers 26:64–Not one of them was among those counted by Moses and Aaron the priest when they counted the Israelites in the Desert of Sinai.


Forty years had passed as the Israelites wandered in the desert. The people who were counted in the previous census had all died out in the desert except Caleb and Joshua because of their sin and disobedience to God. Everything that God had told them would happen, has happened. God was allowing them a second chance. This was the opportunity for the Israelites to start over. God was fulfilling His promises to the people and wanted to remind them that He will do everything that He promised as we obey Him.


Father, You always fulfill You promises, Even when we mess up and don’t follow Your plan, You still work things so that You do all that You have promised. I will obey You so that I may be part of Your plan instead of being looked over and moved past. Thank You for the chance to start over.

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