Christian Devotional – February 22, 2016

Read John chapter 14


John 14:21–Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love them and show myself to them.


Why do we obey God? Why do we put forth the effort to live out the Christian life? We obey because we love God. Our obedience isn’t to be done out of fear of reprisal or other such negative motivating factor. Our obedience to God is done simply because we love Him. I love God and I want to display that love to Him, so I obey Him and seek to do all that He asks me to do. I know that God is worthy of all my obedience and I give that freely to Him.


Father, I praise You for all that You have done and all that You are doing in my life. I will obey You even when I don’t completely understand simply because I love You and I want to show and demonstrate that love to You. Thank You for all that You are working in my life Be glorified in everything that I do.

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