Christian Devotional – July 30, 2013


Jeremiah 31:18–“I have surely heard Ephraim’s moaning: ‘You disciplined me like an unruly calf, and I have been disciplined. Restore me and I will return, because You are the Lord my God.'”


The Lord disciplines us who have been unruly. He does this so that we will recognize that we have done wrong and will seek restoration. God’s desire is to restore us once we fall short of Him. However, we must choose to return. We must accept the discipline that we receive and learn from it. Do we accept God’s discipline and use it to look at our life and the opportunities to confess and be brought back to Him? The Lord disciplines is to restore us.


Father, I will see any discipline in my life as an opportunity to return to You and be restored. I love You and desire to be with You. When I fall short, thank You for pointing me in the right direction and making a way for me to be restored.

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