Christian Devotional – March 5, 2017

Reading through Ezekiel chapter 20 is like reading through a history of the people of Israel. It tells of all the amazing things that God has done for the people of Israel, but it also tells of all the disobedience of people is Israel as well. As we read through this we can easily see how God was frustrated with the people knowing all the things that he had done for them and provided for them and yet seeing how they responded to him and were treating him.

At the end of the chapter though, things change. God has not given up on his people. God has not given up on us. This section starting in verse 33 goes through and details all the things that God is going to do for his people to bring them back to himself, to show them his unfailing love and mercy and Grace for them. As we are looking through our lives and all the things that we do, we must recognize that God has given us the standard by which we are to live through his word. However, we fall short multiple times every single day.

God through his grace and his Mercy provided a way for us to be able to come into His holiness and that is through his son Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on our behalf. We can experience the things that God promises in the last part of this chapter, because of who Jesus Christ is and what he has done. The question for us is are we living each day seeking after the Holiness of God through the mercy and Grace of Jesus Christ?

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