Christian Devotional – March 6, 2017

In Ezekiel chapter 21, God discusses the sword that he will use to exact his judgment upon the people of Israel. A lot of times when we think of God we are reminded of his mercy and his grace, but we must never forget his holiness. We have sinned against a holy God, and the people of Israel we’re going to come to the understanding that that was the case. They had lost the respect of the Holiness of God and as a result they had mocked him and disobeyed him. God would not stand for that any longer and he shares with Ezekiel his plans to bring about judgement on the people of Israel.

As we look at our own lives, have we lost the awe and the respect for the Holiness of God? Do we know that while God is merciful and God is love, God is also holy and must be treated with the reverence and respect that the Holiness of God deserves. Do we stand in awe of God? If we don’t, we will find ourselves in the same position that the people of Israel found themselves in as they were facing the sword of the Lord. God is gracious and God offers grace and mercy, but we must understand why we need those things in the first place.

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