Christian Devotional – May 11, 2019

Ignorant pride. Pride by itself is dangerous enough, but ignorant pride can be disastrous. Paul recognized this and he speaks about it when he talks about the criteria for an overseer of the church. Who should be the leader of a church? One thing that must be taken into consideration is how long have they been a believer? Read 1 Timothy 3:6-7.

and not a new convert, so that he will not become conceited and fall into the condemnation incurred by the devil. And he must have a good reputation with those outside the church, so that he will not fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.
1 TIMOTHY 3:6‭-‬7 NASB

Paul wants the church to be careful and intentional about who they choose to lead them. A new believer has amazing qualities. They’re excited. They’re enthusiastic. However, sometimes that can develop into pride. And unfortunately, a new believer may not know what they don’t know. That kind of ignorant pride can lead people into a lot of danger. Paul cautions against utilizing someone who is brand new to the Christian walk simply because they haven’t had a chance to understand what they don’t know. It may be easy for Satan to tempt them to think that they are more or better than what they really are.

Choosing leaders is difficult. A lot goes into understanding how well they will be able to rely on God to lead them lead the church. Any time we start to rely on our own selves, Satan uses that as an opportunity to move us in the wrong direction. We must rely on all that God has for us and allow him to work through us. Pride happens when we don’t recognize our need and dependence on God. Ignorance goes with it when we don’t realize that we don’t realize we have that need. Do we know we have the need for God? Are we actively seeking his help to live each day?

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