Christian Devotional – May 16, 2012

2 Kings 16:8–Ahaz took the silver and gold that was found in the house of the Lord and in the treasuries of the king’s house, and sent a present to the king of Assyria.

King Ahaz was in trouble and being besieged from all sides. He decided to ask for help. Instead of coming to God for help, he worked a deal on his own with the nation of Assyria. Ahaz then proceeded to steal from God in order to pay for his deal. When we face trouble, do we come to God or try to “negotiate” a deal on our own? No matter what deal we try to make, it will always cost us more than we expect or intend. Stealing what is God’s to give to another has consequences as God does not forget.

Lord, You are to be treasured and You are worthy of everything I have. I pray You will forgive me for trying to solve problems on my own. Hep me to come to You first and to give You what is Yours.

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