Christian Devotional – September 28, 2017

How much do you talk? In Proverbs 10:13-21, we read more about wisdom and the one verse that stands out to me here is verse 19 that says, “When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, But he who restrains his lips is wise.” Basically, if we’re talking a lot, we’re going to find it easier and easier to sin through what we say. We have all been in situations where we have allowed our tongues to run freely and we end up saying more than we should or offending people. Our words must come from a place that has been thought through and are a reflection of our relationship with Jesus Christ. When we talk just to talk, we run the risk of dishonoring God in what we say. Are we honoring God through our words? Are we restraining our mouths and saying only what He would have us say?

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