Devotional – January 19, 2012

Job 3:20–“Why is light given to him who suffers, and life to the bitter soul?”

After all that has happened to him, Job finally speaks. He starts by asking the same question so many of us have asked when we go through intense suffering, “Why can’t I just die?” It can be difficult to think that God has spared our life just so we can walk through times of intense suffering. During times like this, while we are searching for meaning and purpose, God hears and knows our hurt and pain. He walks with us through it, and we can be confident that God has a purpose for us and our life that will ultimately bring glory to God if we will stay faithful to Him.

God, my life is in Your hands. As I’ve walked through the storms of life, I rarely understand Your purpose for the storm, but I will trust You, hope in You, and take refuge in You. Hide me in Your hand and hold me. I want my life to glorify You no matter what it costs me, but it sometimes it just hurts so much and is so hard to go through.

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