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Book Review – Beyond the Dead Forest

I want to share with you some of the great books I have the opportunity to read and review.  I’m starting with Beyond the Dead Forest: The Bizarre Adventures of Kat and Carter by Steve Groll.

Beyond the Dead Forest

What a fantastic adventure! In Beyond the Dead Forest: The Bizarre Adventures of Carter and Kat, Steve Groll has masterfully crafted a story together that will captivate older children, as well as adults. Kat and Carter are confronted with tough choices and decisions as they are thrown from one amazing circumstance to the next, all on their quest to find the “treasure” that Guardian has told them about. All the twists and turns as Carter and Kat make their way through the many places beyond the Dead Forest were well thought out and loaded with principles to live by. Plus each truth learned brings Carter and Kat that much closer to their goal. 


The truths Kat and Carter discovered through Guardian’s gentle prompting are the very truths that are applicable to our lives today and are related in an easy to understand format. For me, I found the People Rule Inn and the story of how Goodman became the lord of the land to be great teaching tools that I look forward to sharing with my kids. I will reread this again and again.

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