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Book Review – Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl by Lydia Howe

Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl

An adventure awaits in the book Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl by Lydia Howe and Buddy & Kay Davis. This book, labeled as Creation Quest #1, is written for the 4th through 7th grade audience and is specifically part of the creation literature that is part of Answers in Genesis ministry.

This youth fiction is actually two stories in one as the young Lydia, who travels around with her parents helping to teach about the creation story, is part of trying to find a mysterious book. The second story is actually about her father Buddy as he is exploring a cave to see some newly discovered petroglyphs that help to further validate the creation story. In both stories, there is adventure and problems to overcome as they seek their respective goals.

This book is well written and once I realized that there were two separate stories being shared in the book, it was easy to read and follow. The two stories are written in different font, so it is easy for the reader to visually tell which story they are reading as they go from chapter to chapter. I love the specific information about the proofs for creation that are given throughout the book. The importance of the validity of the creation story is ever present throughout the book and it is nice to have a book in this genre that promotes that viewpoint. Given the authors’ names, I do wonder if this is more of a memoir as opposed to a strictly fiction account, but nevertheless, the readers will enjoy these great adventures.

Thanks to Lydia for allowing me to read through your wonderful book. You can see more about this book by clicking on the book cover above.

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