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Book Review – “Love and Acceptance” by Annette Robertson

Love and Acceptance

Have you ever felt lost, rejected, or unloved? Struggling through those feelings and emotions can overwhelm people and bring a sense of hopelessness. Annette Robertson went through that and found a way to come out on the other side. Annette’s book, Love and Acceptance is her story. In it she shares the dark paths she found herself on and the difficulties she faced. She shares her own personal journey to find herself and find that love that she had always yearned for.

I enjoy the honesty of Annette’s writing. She is very real and genuine throughout, sharing how situations impacted her and what her thinking was during those times. She shares the unmistakable love of Jesus Christ and how that worked to bring her back from the dark edge she found herself on. The story is well organized and easy to follow. Readers will find hope in the Love and Acceptance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thanks Annette for the opportunity to read through your journey. For more information on Love and Acceptance, check out Tate Publishing’s website at

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