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Book Review – MiRage by Amanda Tru

Description from Amazon:

The terrorist attack . . .Dawson Tate . . . What if nothing is as it appears to be? When the unexpected happens, Rachel Saunders must unravel the web of secrets surrounding her boyfriend’s work with Homeland Security and their relationship. While confronted with new facts about Dawson’s mysterious ex from Florida and the attentions of DHS agent Garrett Matthews, Rachel must find a way to save the man she can no longer trust. Will anything or anyone survive after the truth is revealed and the mirage fades?

MIRAGE is Book Two in the TRU EXCEPTIONS series.

Kristi’s Review:

Six months have passed since the non-stop adrenaline rush that took place in the book Baggage Claim. This story continues with the same level of intensity and page-turning action that I enjoyed so much from the first book in the series. Amanda takes the situation and is able to weave quite a tale through this book. I enjoyed the plot twists and continued character development. This book also adds a new character, Garret Matthews to the mix and that is handled well. I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the series and again, felt that things reached a good conclusion in this story. True, while I was able to pick out the “bad guy” pretty early on, I never suspected how they would go about bringing him down and that was fun to read through. I did like the reference to the faith in God aspect and while it was mentioned several times, I consider it in the “light” category of Christian references. (Mentioning about faith in God and the need for God to impact daily life, but not specifically referencing the need to trust in Jesus Christ.) Readers who enjoy action and suspense sprinkled with romance will not be disappointed.

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