Book Review

Book Review – Six Miles from Nashville by Elaine Littau


Elaine Littau knows how to craft beautiful fiction stories with interesting and believeable characters, so when I saw that she had a new book out, “Six Miles From Nashville,” I was excited to get my copy.




This latest book didn’t disappoint. Young Betty is struggling to recover and find herself again following difficult and devastating circumstances. She feels alone and in need of medical attention when she stumbles into a café looking for work in a little town just six miles from Nashville, Tennessee. The owner “Sweetie” gives her a job, but then immediately realizes the extra care that Becky needs. She slowly nurses Betty back to health and then starts helping her to heal the emotional wounds that run even deeper. Betty finds a home and a place of comfort working for Sweetie and her husband in the little café, but life can be difficult and all of them have to find the faith and strength to overcome the obstacles that come their way.




This is a beautiful story of love; love between a man and a woman, love between good friends, and love of our Savior to us. This story is full of hope and peace and explains the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with beautiful clarity. Despite difficult circumstances, we can all experience the love and peace found in Jesus and this book clearly displays this. I can say that this is my favorite of Elaine’s books so far and I can’t wait to see what some comes out with next.

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