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Book Review – The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn

As we are continuing our look at love stories leading up to Valentine’s Day, I must confess that I really enjoy finding discount books. Recently I was in an Christian bookstore that has wonderful discounts and picked up several books. One of those books is The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn.

In The Encounter, wealthy Jonathan Rush has returned to his hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska, on a mission. As the CEO of a large corporation, he is still haunted by his past and emotionally scarred because he was given up by his mother for adoption at the age of four. He is now back to see if he can piece together his past and tame the anger that has been hidden inside for so many years. He and a local reporter team up to search for answers to why he was left by his mother. They find a woman named Mercy who seems to hold more answers than she is willing to reveal.

This is a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption. It’s a great example of the fact that often we don’t always have all the facts in a situation and that the perspective of a situation looks very different depending on whose eyes you’re looking through. This is well written and is compete with a study to help groups to discuss the Christian themes and ideas throughout the book should readers want to use it in a small group setting. The love of a mother for her son is an overwhelming theme throughout the book. Readers will enjoy The Encounter.

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