Christian Devotional – April 1, 2017

Happy April Fools Day. No tricks here 🙂

Reading through Ezekiel 37, we see the interesting vision of the dry bones. Ezekiel sees them, God asks if they can ever have life again and then God brings them back to life while Ezekiel watches.

What I find very interesting is in verse 11 is when God begins to explain the meaning of this vision. God indicates that the valley is full of dry bones because the people of Israel have lost their hope. Their hope has dried up and shriveled away. Our hope can do the same thing sometimes as we get focused on our circumstances instead of focusing on God. However, God makes it clear that He can bring our hope to life again. He is the reason for hope and He can give hope to us.

Have we lost our hope? Turn to God who is able to create life out of the dry bones of our lives by restoring and resurrecting our hope.

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