Christian Devotional – April 11, 2017

Throughout Ezekiel chapter 43, Ezekiel sees a vision of God In His glory coming to inhabit the temple that he has been describing in the previous chapters. God tells Ezekiel to tell the people what he has seen. He tells him to describe the glory of God and to describe the temple and if the people will repent and turn to Him, then He will do exactly as he has described in these visions.

God goes on to explain to Ezekiel what the people need to do in order to repent. How they need to respond to the message that Ezekiel has been sharing is very important. Anytime we are confronted with the glory of God, his Holiness, and his righteousness, we need to be faced with our own sin. As a result, it should drive us to our knees and repentance. Are we seeking the glory of God? Once we see the glory of God, do we repent to God for all the areas in which we fall short of his glory? What actions do we need to take today as a result of seeing God’s glory through the words of Ezekiel?

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