Christian Devotional – April 12, 2017

God has described his temple in prior chapters. Now, in Ezekiel chapter 44, God describes the people who will serve in his Temple. God lists through a number of people who had been servants in his Temple, but who had turned away from him. As a result, they are no longer suitable to serve him in his holiness.

God does find a group of people who have been faithful to him. God then gives some descriptions about what these people who will serve him will do. I find it interesting in verse of 19, that the priests must change their clothes before they can go out among the rest of the people. God does not want any of his holiness to fall upon people who are unworthy. God indicates that his holiness will have transferred even to the clothes that they wear, so they cannot wear those clothes out among the people.

Do we recognize how truly holy God is? His holiness is something that is so real and so pervasive that it touches and impacts everything that is around it. Nothing can be exposed to the Holiness of God without being changed. If we have truly been in the presence of God, and truly been exposed to his holiness, then we will be changed. Have You Been Changed by the Holiness of God?

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