Christian Devotional – April 12, 2021

Corinthians, Day 1

God shared amazing truths to the Corinthian people through the letters that Paul sent them. We are going to take the next couple of weeks and go through those letters, chapter by chapter, and see some of the key truths that God reveals. Read 1 Corinthians 1.

God starts off reminding the Corinthian people that he is powerful. God is more powerful than anything that we experience or could possibly have on Earth. God’s weaknesses are stronger then the strongest human strength.

When we look at the situations that we face and the difficulties that we go through, do we recognize and acknowledge God’s strength and God’s power and God’s wisdom in these situations? It’s easy to think that we have the right answers and that we know what we need to be doing through every situation. But all of our best laid plans and all of our strategizing comes to nothing when compared with the knowledge and the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

What areas of our life do we need to surrender and allow God to work through in his strength and his might? In what areas are we still trying to do it on our own in our own strength? Surrender these areas to God today and allow him and his strength to be our strength.