Christian Devotional – April 13, 2021

Corinthians, Day 2

What do you think you know? How often do you rely on what you think you know? Read 1 Corinthians 2.

As Paul was writing to the Corinthians, he wanted them to understand that the only thing he knew when he was with them was Jesus Christ and him crucified. Paul didn’t come to them with fancy words or with amazing theological debate. Paul came to them with Jesus Christ. That was all. Thankfully, that is all they need.

Sometimes, we try to make the Christian life so incredibly complicated. We add so many things in and put so many expectations on people that they lose sight of the fact that the only thing they need is Jesus Christ. The Christian life is simple. The Christian life is not easy, but it is simple. We are to understand and rely on Jesus Christ. We are to follow Jesus Christ. We are to become like Jesus Christ. We are to share Jesus Christ. This is the essence of the Christian life and even though it comes across as very simple, it is not easy.

Are we relying on Jesus Christ, or are we trying to make things more complicated and rely on our own wisdom? Only Jesus Christ saves. Are we resolved to know Jesus Christ and nothing else?