Christian Devotional – April 13, 2017

God always provides for his people. In Ezekiel chapter 45, we see God setting aside the land for himself and His Temple. He gives specific instructions about the size and such that should be set aside. But God does not stop there. God takes the time to line out the place where his servants the priests are too be. He gives them a specific portion of land also to provide for their needs.

God will never leave those who serve him out in the cold with nothing. He is always going to provide for the needs of those who lift up his name and serve him. If we are spending time worrying about how we’re going to provide for ourselves or how we are going to be able to meet our needs ¬†we should question whether we are serving God. If we are being obedient and following Jesus Christ, we can be confident that he will provide for us what we need when we need it. Are we trusting in Him Today?

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