Christian Devotional – April 15, 2020

The Message – #7

A sign. Isaiah is continuing to share all that God is doing for the people. He is now sharing with them how he is going to protect them from a nation that is coming to ruin them. He tells the king to ask for a sign but the king refuses, so God himself explains the sign that will happen which will prove that he is God. A virgin will give birth.

Most of us see this verse used for Christmas time telling sbout the birth of Jesus and that is truly what it is referring to. However, it is really imteresting to see it here, in the context of the verses around it. The people were afraid and terrified, and God was telling them that he was going to take care of their issues and mentions this sign. God does indeed take care of our issues. He knows what our greatest needs are and those are only met through Jesus Christ, the one born from a virgin.

Have we accepted the sign that God has given to us? Do we recognize all that God desires to do in our lives if we will just allow Him control? Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the sign, but the sign was given as a result of our tremendous need. Have we allowed Jesus to meet that need in our lives?

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