Christian Devotional – April 22, 2017

In Ruth chapter 3, hope turns to action. Now that Naomi has seen a glimmer of hope it starts to fan into flame in her heart. She has a plan. She takes Ruth and she gives Ruth a very specific plan of action telling her exactly what she needs to do and exactly how to do it. Ruth, trusting her mother-in-law, possibly even seeing a hint of the woman she used to know when she first married her son, has no hesitation at all. Ruth goes, she find Boaz exactly as Naomi said she would, she does exactly what Naomi tells her to do, and Boaz responds in kindness.

As we start to see and understand the hope that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ, we can have confidence in our actions. God has given us a plan for our lives. God has a purpose for us. If we will start taking action and doing the things that God has is doing, we will see and find our hope in him rewarded as things start to fall in place exactly as God has laid them out. Are we trusting in our hope? Are we allowing our hope in God to transform us into people of action so that we can follow up on the hope that God has given us?

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