Christian Devotional – April 23, 2017

In the first part of Ruth chapter 4, we see a man on a mission. Boaz has been challenged. Ruth had come to him and it asked him to take up his position as kinsman redeemer for her and her family. Now, Boaz has some work to do. He wastes no time and he goes and finds the people that he needs to make this happen. As we read the first 12 verses of this chapter, we see that Boaz recognizes the correct way to go about meeting this need. He finds the right people, he gets everyone together, he states the problem, and he offers solutions.

When we see the path that God has for us to take there is no other recourse then obedience. Not just any old obedience either. This requires immediate obedience on our part. Are we truly coming before God getting our marching orders and turning immediately to go do what he’s told us to do? He will provide the way, he will provide the solutions, we have to provide the obedience. Are we being obedient today?

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